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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to identify hi-tech Mind Harassment Control persecution~如何识别高科技脑电波骚扰的迫害~Bagaimana untuk mengenal pasti gangguan yg berteknologi tinggi

如何识别高科技脑电波骚扰的政治迫害~Bagaimana untuk mengenal pasti gangguan dari politik yg berteknologi tinggi ( Gangguan sinaran gelombang otak )
How to identify hi-tech political persecution ( Mind Hararrment control )

Here's how you can identify hi-tech political persecution, also known as psywar.  First, here are some warning signs and what they probably mean.  If you notice an immediate warning sign, then you might be a victim of hi-tech electronic persecution now, at this moment in time.  If you notice a warning sign, then you might have been a victim of hi-tech political persecution recently or in sometime in your past (and you might/might not be a victim at this particular moment in time).

Immediate warning signs
What each immediate warning sign means
1. Do you hear a voice or unusual noise in any fan (including a computer fan) or any engine (including a car engine, van engine, or bus engine)?
     Also, do you hear every room fan and some fans or motors in some other machines in your house or building broadcasting one or another semi-covert
LRAD sound beam broadcasts?

If you hear this, it means a semi-covert LRAD sound beam is either targeting or accidentally hitting the fan or motor.  It means a sound beam is being beamed to the fan or motor, and the sound is being amplified by the fan or motor.  Home air conditioning units and home heating units can loudly amplify a sound beam.  If the noise is heard from a car engine, it probably means the car engine is transpondered (beamed and temporarily turned into a sound beam receiver).
 LRAD sound beam broadcasts all over one's house or building can get repetitively annoying and it also illegally violates the targeted individual's or TI's privacy.  It is also a warning that stronger covert anti-brain beam weapons are probably also zapping the house.
2. Do you hear an ethereal voice from a distance?
If you hear this, you might be hearing a semi-covert LRAD sound beam broadcasting nearby where the sound beam is heard from the air.  (If they are beaming into the sky it can sound very impressive.)
     You can test for the presence of an
 LRAD sound beam by seeing if a desk fan or window fan or even computer fan starts broadcasting an LRAD sound beam when the fan is running.  If it does, you know there is an LRAD sound beam pointed at your house.  If it doesn't then there might/might not be an LRAD sound beam pointed elsewhere.
3. Test for subliminal message broadcasting by covering both ears (using one finger or using one finger to press each earlobe over your ears).
If you hear a message, usually a repeated dumb recorded message but sometimes live comments, then someone is trying to use subliminal suggestion technology to try to manipulate and mind control your brain.  There are 2 subliminals channels, one for the right ear and one for the left ear.
     Note: I do not understand this technology.   It's probably not an LRAD sound beam.  Here are some of the unknowns:
1. Does it hit one person or multiple people?
2. Does it require some time to heat up a target or TI (targeted individual) victim or does it work instantly or almost instantly?
3. Is it a one-way electronic beam or a 2-way electromagnetic beam with return beam data?
4. If it has return beam data, does the return beam data capture what the target's ears are hearing? 
4. Test for subliminal TV-synched messages by turning on your TV and muting it by turning off the sound.
If you hear a subliminal or semi-subliminal dialog, usually an obscene dialog, when people are silently speaking on TV with the sound muted by turning off the sound, then some sort of TV-synched subliminal broadcasting system (maybe silent sound spread spectrum or SSSS or s-quad mind control technology) is being used.
5. If you are playing some music that you remember the words to on your stereo, have any of the words changed?
     Also, do you detect any semi-subliminal messages, particularly during the instrumental and wordless parts of the music?
If your stereo is suddenly playing music that has definitely changed, there is a logical explanation.  Covert hi-tech psywar political persecution can wirelessly hijack control of an electronic stereo speaker and change the words.  (A common word modification is to remove the "s" from the end of a word, changing it a plural to singular noun.)
     Also, semi-subliminal message broadcasts are sometimes used to screw up your music listening experience.  A semi-subliminal message is a detectable message that you can't hear that is somehow zapped into your brain.  I do not understand the technology that does this but it might be
 silent sound spread spectrum or SSSS or s-quad mind control technology.Semi-subliminal messages are detected more easily and annoyingly if you hear music or even some humming.
     Note: most black ops workers love beautiful, nice sounding music, even if their evil black ops psywar job calls for them to screw up the sound of everything.  You might be able to persuade them to keep their sound sabotage to the absolute minimum if they want to hear more nice music now.  Also, sometimes some righteous political music (protest music, union music, and/or civil rights/freedom music) temporarily pulls black ops workers towards the right, not the wrong, way of thinking.
     FYI, in possible violation of music copyrights, black ops keep a huge collection of sabotaged music soundtracks and sometimes extra electronic sabotage data and they routinely illegally sabotaged copyrighted music.
6. If you are watching TV, has any of the TV dialog become weird?  Does any TV dialog in the TV shows and/or commercials seem unbelievable?  Does it sound like there is a black ops recording studio adding extra comments to your TV show?
      Also, do you detect any semi-subliminal messages, particularly if the TV show is a popular repeated TV show where the black ops workers might have had the time and motivation to electronically sabotage it?
If your TV has any weird dialog and what sounds like extra additions to the regular TV soundtrack, youmight be the victim of covert hi-tech psywar political persecution that can wirelessly hijack control of a TV speaker and change the words.  Black ops will also sabotage TV commercials.
     One partial solution is to display closed captioning on your TV screen.
 FYI, in possible violation of TV broadcasters' copyrights, black ops keep a huge collection of sabotaged TV show soundtracks and TV commercial soundtracks and sometimes extra electronic sabotage data and they routinely illegally sabotage copyrighted TV shows and copyrighted TV commercials.
7. Does any electronic sound broadcast or any person in your life seem to be responding to or using private knowledge gained from your personal thoughts?
If you believe someone might be reading your mind, there is a possible logical explanation.  Someonemight actually be reading your mind.  Covert hi-tech mind reading is possible and has been possible for years (maybe even as far back as 1976 in the Washington DC area).  Once black ops hi-tech harassment workers have the mind reading technology beam weapons in place and they are zapping you and they can mind-read you and probe your mind, they like to use their knowledge and they sometimes like to talk with you audibly as well as subliminally while they are reading your mind.  This beam weapon mind reading(and mind control) technology is top secret and rare but very powerful.
     Note: it is possible that the number of anti-brain beam weapons that are reading minds may exceed the limited number of beam weapon mind reading operators.  Thus it is possible that your mind might be being read with anti-brain beam weapon technology but that no one is listening (or no one is listening 100% of the time) to your mind-read thought-stream at the moment.  This is probably particularly true of very temporary non-primary electronic harassment targets.  If you are a non primary target, you might be in the ironic position of silently wishing they would
 stop harassing you with LRAD sound beam and/or anti-brain beam weapon harassment without any live beam weapon operator and/or beam weapon listening worker even hearing your complaint.
     Note: if you believe any
 LRAD sound beam is specifically targeting you individually, watch out for your mind being read and/or your mind being mind controlled also.
8. Are you functioning at reduced energy and/or reduced brainpower?  Do you find yourself passively resting instead of doing?  Do you feel groggy and disoriented instead of thinking quickly and alertly?  Also, are you feeling tired, whether or not you are short on sleep?
If you have reduced energy and/or reduced brainpower, you might be a victim of covert hi-tech electronic mind control.  If you are a victim, regaining as much of your brainpower and as much of your energy back as possible will help you cope.  Getting your brainpower, energy, and productivity back is sometimesextremely difficult if the black ops continue and continue to beam you.
9. Are you suddenly feeling like you're in a new mood with no apparent logical explanation?  For example, are you suddenly wide awake, sleepy, scared, depressed, irritated, angry, sad, stressed, relaxed, happy, cheerful, and/or horny with no apparent reason?
     Also, do you find your mood shifting too quickly and too frequently with no logical reason?
If you find your mood is changing for no apparent reason, you might be the victim of covert hi-tech electronic psywar mind control beam weapon zaps.  If secret mind control technology is being used to control your mood, it might be silent sound spread spectrum or SSSS or s-quad mind control technology being used to clone emotions.  At least one beam weapon operator labels this "mood setting".  (Anti-mind control expert Eleanor White also uses the term "mood setting".)
10. Do you suspect your computer is being wirelessly hacked and/or wirelessly remote controlled?
     Does it look like someone else might be partially running your computer?  Is your computer running abnormally slow?  Do you find yourself losing control of your mouse and/or keyboard for no apparent reason?  Does your mouse cursor ever jump from one location on the screen to another?  Do some window button options in one of your computer software windows mysteriously become deactivated and then reactivated later or sometimes reactivated if you resize the window?  Does the highlighting of text malfunction for no obvious reason?  Does the wording of your email or note sometimes seem to change as if someone else was editing it?  Does data ever mysteriously disappear from your computer, like someone remotely deleted it?
     Is your computer seriously malfunctioning for no apparent reason?  Is there any reason to suspect a remote computer user might be suspending, shutting down, and or hijacking any of your computer processes?  Do you have any phantom drives that windows believes are on your computer that you can't see or use?  Do you have a firewire network driver (probably without a physical firewire network device) in addition to a standard network driver?
If your computer is seriously malfunctioning, it might or might not be hacked and remote controlled.  Note: most skilled remote controlling of computers can be done wirelessly using standard windows software features like terminal services, probably using wireless simulated or virtual computer interfaces to wirelessly connect to the USB, USB 2.0, and/or firewire ports, T10, T100 (or maybe even T1000) network connections, phone modem connections, and/or connection to the PS/2 mouse and/or keyboard port, and/or a serial and/or parallel port, and/or a wireless network router, and/or a wired network router.  I have repeatedly found that some wireless hack by the electronic harassers has hijacked a mouse port and/or redirected mouse control with the result being that one of my 2 mice suddenly stops working.
     If you ever find a computer with a firewire network driver, you can strongly suspect that the firewire network driver is ready to be used to set up a very fast wireless network connection to a computer hacker's network. 
11. If you feel pain in a part of your body, for example tooth pain, is there less pain after you try pressing your hand against the part of your body in pain?
If the pain in a part of your body decreases after you press your hand against it, then it is probably an electronically zapped pain, not a real pain from a real problem in your body.  In the pain decreases after you put your hand on it, then your hand is probably partially shielding your body part from the zapped pain and decreasing the pain.
12. Are you experiencing insomnia at night, ie., you can't sleep and/or stay asleep?  
If you are suddenly experiencing insomnia at night, i.e., you can't sleep and/or stay asleep, you might be a covert hi-tech electronic persecution victim.
13. Did you suddenly get very drowsy and fall asleep in the middle of the day?
If you are suddenly experiencing narcolepsy during the day, ie., if you suddenly get drowsy and fall asleep during the day, you might be a covert hi-tech electronic persecution victim.
 Warning: if you can, try to disconnect your computer from the internet and shut it down before you fall asleep.  Also try to lock your bedroom door and physically secure your room before you fall asleep.
 Warning: if your computer and/or room is not secure while you are asleep, someone might have electronically broken into your computer or physically broken into your room while you were zapped asleep, or some other psywar hit against you or someone else might have been done while you were zapped asleep.
14. Have your machines or electronics improbably started malfunctioning?
If any of your machines have started malfunctioning, they might be electronically jammed or even remote controlled.  Also, the electronic circuits might have been fried by an EMP/NNEMP-style beam weapon zap.
 Here are examples of machines that hi-tech covert beam weapons can interfere with or destroy:
 Flashlights.  Covert beam weapons can easily zap out small flashlights.  (If this problem lasts, you will want LED flashlights, probably metal instead of plastic, and one or more rechargeable 1,000,000/more candlepower spotlights and maybe portable 120 volt electric lights to reliably see at night.)
 Digicams and/or digital recorders.  If you're recording any audio and/or video records of harassment, be aware that beam weapons can drain the power from AA, AAA, or special lithium digicam batteries and you will need spare rechargeable batteries and at least one good battery recharger.  Weak AAA batteries are probably especially vulnerable to being zapped out.
     If a digicam is zapped, it is also
 transpondered, meaning that it is sustainably zapped by a beam weapon.  In order to untransponder it, you'll need to open the battery cover at least very briefly and then reinsert the battery cover without breaking it.  Once you have untranspondered it, the battery power should be back to its normal partially depleted strength (instead of its very depleted transpondered strength).
     I recommend buying 2900mAh Accupower rechargable AA batteries.
 Computer power supplies.  If your computer is being zapped off by covert beam weapon zapping, the covert beam weapon zapping is probably either interfering with 1) the electrical power to the computer's electrical power supply and/or 2) the electrical power supply.  If your computer is being zapped off by electronic covert beam weapon zapping of your computer's power supply and/or weak house electrical current, you probably need an Active PFC (active power factor correction) power supply.  It is also probably a matter of the stronger the power supply, the better.
 Computers.  Computer motherboards and/or computer power supplies can get electronically jammed, wirelessly rebooted, or even fried EMP/NNEMP-style by covert electronic beam weapons.
 Printers, including all-in-one multifunction printers.  The USB 1.0/2.0 port for a printer can get electronically jammed, ironically often by a covert beam weapon wireless beam.  This covert beam weapon wireless beam is probably a computer remote control beam but it might instead be an anti-brain beam or it might be both an anti-computer and anti-brain beam.  This wireless beam either electronically jams and/or wirelessly hijacks (probably at USB 1.0 and/or USB 2.0 speeds) the USB port and/or the USB cable that the computer uses to communicate with the printer.
 USB secure digital/SD card readers.  USB ports and/or secure digital cards can be electronically jammed so that the USB secure digital/SD card reader either fails to work or sometimes even shows an empty card when there is data on the SD card There is a workaround for this.  Put the SD card in a digital camera that can read it, make sure the camera has good or fresh batteries, and connect the battery powered camera to the USB port with a special USB cable for the digicam.  With the extra battery power, the previously electronically jammed USB port will now often work.
     Since small portable USB secure digital/SD card readers are easily electromagnetically jammed (and possibly fragile enough to electronically fry and/or physically break), my workaround is to buy multiple high-speed quality SD cards and back up a complete set of SD cards to DVD instead of backing up each SD card to a portable hard disk.
     Also, please be aware that some machines can be run by commercially available remote controls (byanyone
 who uses a correctly configured remote control) and many machines can be run or at least partially run (often with some trial and error)  by remote control beam weapon zaps.

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