Victim Mind Harassment Control In Malaysia

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Big Challenge to humanity Today

New challenges to victim mind control in malaysia
who can accept the challenges like this ! actualy i spent my money to buy the product and get the service from restorans XXX! But the worker like already get permission form third party to doing the something like the shit job .... i dunno why problem will hapenning when in my turn to order ! the worker like hearing the voice then the following job that  worker doing is very horible ! like try to challenge you to scording or fight them back ! that young worker try to doing something like put rubbish in table nearing my food, try drop the food in floor, try set the my food like rubbish ..., always talk nosence in front of me or talk with the other worker, !

why that restorans management can let them doing this to customer, i not doing wrong in this situasion ! im not scording or talk infront of them ! but this is service manner from worker giving to me ! I'm feeling sadly and disapointed with human today....
and some time i really try to ask them like " are you hearing the voice let u feeling wanna to disturb me" ?
or have people let u have a chance to create the disturbing in public ?

some of the time when i go to hypermarket olso need to face the people like this ! the worker try to joint the group from worker friend and doing something like bad service manner or talking like a shit to serve me in public ! i still  remember last time have three worker people showing me middle finger in public !

* I hopefully some people can help me to stop everthing about this bad service manner or racist problem and wont happening to me  againt and againt after i make a complant to the the restorans. and hopefully no have the third party people allow them doing this shit job .....and also hopefully in the furture the people or worker or human can be a clever person and have own human priciple ....(Dont following the bad style)

Dont following the bad styre

Everything happeing after i targeted as the mind control victim in malaysia,

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